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Activated Alumina

Water removal steps appear everywhere in industry with Activated Alumina standing in the forefront of the several different materials available. The low cost of Alumina, its chemical and physical resistance, its regenerability and its high capacity for retaining water are among the reasons for its widespread acceptance.

D&F Techniek represents 'Axens' in North-West Europe and abroad. 'Axens' has a wide range of Aluminas to solve specific moisture problems. We will be happy to help you select the right Activated Alumina for your application.

Applications Activated Alumina

  • Compressed air drying
  • Gas drying
  • Gas separation
  • Air treatment
  • Air dryers


Application: Highly recommended for air and gas drying, where high water adsorption capacity combined with excellent mechanical properties are mandatory.


: Regenerative Activated Alumina with high water adsorption capacity and strong attrition resistance to ensure less dust formation to protect downstream valves and minimize filter plugging. The high mechanical strength, adsorptive properties and resistance to aging make our AxSorb D a high quality alumina.

Mechanical Aging: Our AxSorb D has a very high resistance to crushing and attrition. The main reason for this is the production process and the spherical shape of the grains. AxSorb D is well adapted to its application due to the attrition and crushing values of the spheres. The spherical form makes a homogeneous and compact loading possible with very little following settling. Taller drying vessels can be used which allows a higher flow rate for the system.

Adsorption characteristics: The adsorption of Activated Alumina is a process in which a vapour or gas sticks to the surface of a solid without the atoms creating an intimate admixture with the atoms of the solid. Adsorption is a surface phenomenon, therefore good adsorbents have a large surface area per unit mass and have high attractive properties for the targeted species. The exposed surface of the alumina and the pressure or concentration of the material to be adsorbed are directly proportional to the adsorption capacity. Activated Alumina has a high specific surface area and a large adsorption capacity per unit weight due to the optimized high porosity. Activated Alumina looks and feels dry, even when it is saturated with water. Also, Activated Alumina is chemically inert against most gases and liquids. It Is widely used in the treatment of petrochemicals because of its excellent resistance to fouling by olidens.

Hydrothermal aging: The gradual irreversible change of the Alumina structure due to hydrothermal treatment during regeneration is called hydrothermal aging. The number of regenerations (i.e., adsorption/desorption cycles) is the main indicator of aging. It pays to regenerate at longer intervals by using the fullest extent of the available capacity. This can be done by adjusting the cycle length. The main cause is the reduction in surface area because of the "collapsed pores" effect. In normal working conditions aging decreases about 50% of the initial properties of the alumina in a period of two till four years. Accelerated hydrothermal tests by an independent organization show that AxSorb D grade, for example, stands significantly above the competition this is extending the lifetime of the product which most of the times results in a twice longer life time than similar Alumina’s.

'Axens' has manufactured Aluminas which have earned wide recognition when compared to standard solutions in the market. The tailored pore distribution and high surface area provide a high dynamic water adsorption capacity, together with the excellent mechanical and physical properties. The outstanding stability ensures a long life time with achieving low water dew points, both with Temperature Swing Adsorption and Pressure Swing Adsorption processes.

We supply our Alumina to all the leading suppliers of compressed dryers and compressors, including the market leader of the world. D&F Techniek also distributes promoted Activated Alumina’s for all drying and purification applications in the petrochemical, refining, natural gas and industrial gases industries.

At D&F Techniek you can order any quantity you desire starting from 1 kg up to big bags.)

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