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Molecular Sieve

Molecular Sieves are zeolite-based adsorbents consisting of clay and zeolites (crystalline aluminosilicates). D&F Techniek supplies various types of Molecular Sieve directly from stock. Whether it's 3, 4, 5 Ångström or 13X, at D&F Techniek you can order the quantity you desire. Starting from 1 kg to big bags. 

Applications Molecular Sieve

  • Compressed air drying
  • Gas separation
  • Drying
  • Medical air drying
  • Air drying
  • Very low dewpoints

Molecular Sieves can be used in two different ways:

  • Separation according to molecular size. Molecules smaller than the pore diameter of the Molecular Sieve will enter and be adsorbed. Molecules with a diameter smaller than the zeolite pore will enter and be adsorbed. This type of adsorption is used for applications such as iso-and normal paraffins separation. It is also applied for removal of Carbon Monoxide or Methane in a Hydrogen gas stream.
  • Separation according to molecular polarity. Zeolite adsorbents tend to adsorb molecules of higher polarity by affinity e.g., removing CO from hydrogen.

Usually Molecular Sieves are applied in applications with a low temperature hydrocarbon extraction process. For this proces is low water content required. Our Molecular Sieves can be applied for a variety of adsorption based on molecular size, affinity for the Sieve crystal surface and shape of the molecule.


Molecular Sieve is a very strong desiccant for drying and purification. At a relative humidity of 3% they are able to adsorb 20% of its own weight in moisture. It makes them very suitable for low dew points (-70 or lower).

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